The word, "Mindfulness" is everywhere these days! You have probably seen magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store and blog posts in your news feed but what is it? How does it really help? AND why in the world is everyone talking about it? Find out a little more in my video below!

If you are ready to join the community of people using mindfulness to live happy and healthy lives click the link below to learn more about the Centered Thinking Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness is scientifically proven. The videos below explain more

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a profesor of medicine who brought mindfulness to the western society. In the video below he does an excellent job explaining what mindfulness is 

Sara Lazar who is a neuroscientist had a similar experience with yoga as myself. In the video below she talks about how meditation can actually change the size of key areas of the brain. This improves memory, makes us more empathetic and more resilient under stress. 

The next video digs deeper and provides a scientific perspective on the impact of meditation and the body. Data shows that meditation can actually go as far as making changes on a cellular level. 

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